Shin Splints: The Worst

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Hi, my name is Nick and these are my legs (Okay... these aren't really my legs. I only wish they were.)

One thing that I see all of the time is athletes coming in complaining about shin splints. For anyone who has ever had shin splints, you know what a major pain they are.

For most cases of shin splints, there are only a few things that I can really do: prescribe rest from high-impact, repetitive activities. Or activity… There really only is one activity that is the culprit behind shin splints: running.

Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

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The Holidays are referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” for a reason. Chances are you will get to spend time with loved ones, go to parties, and maybe even get the gift from the top of your wish list.

Despite all of the happiness the holidays bring, many are often distraught during this time because it is also a season of eating, eating, and more eating, all of which can lead to weight-gain.

But this does not have to be the case. Here are some tips that may help you cut some calories this holiday season.

How to Stay Fit While You’re Working Full-Time

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Just because you made it out of college without gaining the “Freshman 15” does not necessarily mean your weight problems are over.

Unfortunately, sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day is not ideal for someone who is trying to lose weight or keep weight off. However, just because you work full time, it does not mean you are doomed for a sedentary lifestyle.

Luckily, there are tips and tricks you can use to help you reach your ideal weight and fitness level.

Xanax Halted Because of Abuse

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Xanax Halted Because of Abuse

A community mental health center in Louisville, Kentucky has stopped writing new prescriptions for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Used for its calming effect, Xanax has been the most popular anti-anxiety drug on the market to date. But this popularity doesn’t come without a backlash.

Ms. Mink works for Seven Counties Services which serves some 30,000 patients in the Louisville area and she describes Xanax as a “drain on our resources.”

She has been aware of this problem before and has noticed that Xanax has “funneled a great deal of our energy into pacifying, educating, and bumping heads with people over Xanax.”

Evolved to Run

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born to runNo matter where you are you’ll find people that say they can’t run because they just weren’t built for it. They either have collapsed arches, knee pain, back problems, you name it, there’s always something biologically holding them back from hitting those trails.

New Research Shows That Biology Is All on Running’s Side

Dr. Lieberman, an evolutionary biology professor at Harvard has spent years studying how and why the human body has evolved the way it has. In his research, he has found that modern humans have evolved from Neanderthals with the distinct purpose of long distance running.

7 Reasons You Should Go Vegan

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When most people hear the word vegan they think of health extremists that shut themselves away in caves just to wallow in their own health righteousness. But this is not the case, and it is becoming more widely recognized that everyone can benefit from a vegan lifestyle, not just those who thrive on depriving themselves.

Here are some reasons that might inspire you to adopt a more vegan-like diet:

Cut down fat

A vegan diet encourages you to cook with good fats like olive oil and other monounsaturated fats that are not only good for you, but essential. Veganism also cuts out all the fats that are bad for you and your cholesterol.

Dealing with Anxiety

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When someone predicts the end of the world it will generate anxiety in many who tend to swallow the prediction when presented as a prophecy. Even amongst stoic non-believers a hint of doubt about the continued existence of the world may creep in to their view of the stability of existence. Some people will purge their anxiety with debauchery while others simply stop doing the everyday basic activities and wait for the day, hour, minute and second of the impending doom or glory.

Diet Pills: Part Two

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If you visit the website you will see in bold type “Reshape your future with Lipovarin.” And under that blazing red headline you can read  that Sterling Grant Laboratories has spent many years developing an advanced Thermogenic Super Weight Loss Formula that’s specifically tailored to your highly sensitive needs. Lipovarin’s™ patented formula was created to help achieve a leaner, sexier you…without the worries!

Then after asking the question “How fast will Lipovarin work for you?” comes the answer:-

The effects of Lipovarin’s™ powerful formula can be felt almost immediately from the first time you start taking it. You can be confident that Lipovarin™ will work for you, just as it has for the thousands and thousands of the other satisfied users around the world. You’ll not only feel better with Lipovarin™, it will renew the confidence lost by unintentional weight gain! Then follows the answer to “How it Works “

Anxiety Treatment

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While there are many causes of anxiety and panic attack, there are studies which lead many to believe panic attacks develop when a trigger point is reached and when the sense of anxiousness has accumulated and builds up to point where the mind and body has reached a limit and panic is the next response. Triggers might accompany too much stress at work, whether worry sets in when a task needs completing on a strict schedule or there is a risk of some type of loss (Status, Monetary, or even Job Loss;) work loads loads can bring about situations that become unendurable. When the mind feeds itself on worry continuously the body reacts to the anxiety, and the thoughts and feelings  eventually manifest in a panic attack.

Diet Pills: Part One

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Quite a few years ago my wife decided that the solution to her weight loss desires lay with Fen-Fen and her own doctor readily supplied the prescriptions and she did a quite remarkable transformation and became somewhat “boney.” I well remember on one of our trips to Britain at the time how svelte she appeared. The photos are a reminder of those times. But of course the problems with the drug combo had been hidden and it was several years before Mrs. Grey learned of the minor heart problem that she had developed. But as she did before Fen-Fen so she has proceeded to do since, as she searches for the magic bullet of weight loss. Pretty much everyone knows there is no magic bullet, but like the Templars seeking the Holy Grail, and The Conquistadors searching for Cibola, even Juan Ponce de Leon didn’t find The Fountain of Youth. That doesn’t stop millions of people looking with hope at the latest slimming discovery. So here is an article that may open your eyes.