One More Reason I hate Facebook

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There is a website I happen to be pretty fond of. It keeps me entertained often. It is called Basically they just post hilarious conversations by people on facebook. It’s no secret that some of the more trashy population on Facebook seems to have no problem when it comes to sharing way too much or holding long drawn out conversations about who slept with who right on their wall for everyone to enjoy.

Well Facebook has had a problem with Lamebook for some time now. They say that Lamebook’s name infringes on one or more of their trademarks. Today they actually started censoring all mentions and links having to do with Lamebook and disallowing them to be shared on Facebook. For most of Today you couldn’t even post a comment to your wall or send a message containing the term “Lamebook.” I find that ridiculous especially taking into consideration that Facebook just announced its new messaging platform and the fact that all users will soon receive an email address if they want one. Many people speculate that the changes to their messaging system are to place them in a better position to steal more of the email market, and that Facebook sees themselves as the future one-stop-shop for email and written correspondence via the internet.

There is no way that will ever happen if they continue censoring messages they have a problem with. Can you imagine Gmail not allowing you to send an email that contained the term “Mircosoft” or “Bing?” What a ridiculous thing to imagine. Or what if skype bleeped out the sound on video chat every time you said “Vonage.”

All I have to say about the whole thing is RETARDED.

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