My Trip To Saint Louis

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Recently I had to got to Saint Louis, MO for some meetings. While I was there I sat through hour after hour of meetings put on by pharmaceutical reps. As painful as it was the trip was worth it for one reason.. the food. I never knew Saint Louis had such great food. Everywhere I went the dining was top notch. My favorite was this little sushi place right next to the hotel where I was staying. Each roll looked like a piece of artwork.

One strange thing I noticed while in Saint Louis is that there seemed to be a State Farm Insurance agency on every corner. Maybe the people there just need a lot of car insurance. I’m not sure, but whatever the reason state farm seems to have a stranglehold on insurance there. I notice things like that because I am a doctor and as I’m sure you know insurance companies have a lot to do with how I run my practice. In all reality they probably have more say than the government. They may have even more control in the near future if President Obama gets his bill to become permanent law.

I hope to visit Saint Louis again soon if for nothing else to eat sushi and shop for Farm Bureau insurance.

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