Juicing to Lose Weight: The Fad Diet that Might Work!

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juicing to lose weightHave you heard of the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? If you have, you know the weight loss power that juice fasts can have on your body. The idea behind juice fasts is that the human body requires nutrition that comes from fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, most Americans do not get the nutrition that they need. Instead of eating spinach, carrots, celery, cucumber, or artichokes, we tend to eat frozen pizzas, potato chips, cheese, steaks, and creamy sauces. These fatty foods can hardly substitute for the wholesome nutrition that you could get from fruits and vegetables.

Because it is incredibly difficult to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you need throughout the day, juicing is a fantastic alternative. Instead of eating salads all day, you simply throw the fruits and veggies into a juicer and drink what comes out at the other end. With one glass of juice, you can easily get all of the nutrition that you need. These juices make you feel full because of the amount of water and fiber. When you cut all other foods out of your diet and only drink fruit and vegetable juice you cut many calories out of your diet.

Are Juice Fasts Safe?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not juice fasting is safe. A lot of experts claim that juice fasts are a form of starvation. If you do it right, however, juice fasting can be very beneficial to your health! You get all of the calories that you need to survive while still providing your body with nutrients that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Not only are juice fasts safe, they are also healthier than most American diets!

Juicing to Lose Weight

Since vegetables and fruits are so low in calories, juice fasts are a great way to lose weight easily. Just think: if you only ate fruits and vegetables, how much weight would you lose? Drinking a glass of natural juice will fill you up so that you don’t crave sugary or processed foods, but you also do not eat as many calories. This means that you can easily create a calorie deficit that naturally results in weight loss.

Juice fasting is a great way to lose weight, but adding top-rated diet pills, like those reviewed at http://dietpills.md. to your daily routine can help you lose weight even faster. Not only will you get the benefit of fruits and vegetables, but you will also change the way that your body works so that you can burn fat all throughout the day.

How to Do It

If you are thinking about adding juicing to your daily diet, make sure to talk to a dietician to make sure that you eat the right fruits and vegetables so that you can get a correct balance of nutrients to fuel your body.

You can also look online for different juicing recipes that will help you find the best-tasting, most beneficial combinations of fruits and vegetables.