Health and Happiness

Posted by: Nicholas Grey  :  Category: Health and Happiness

This a cart before the horses kind of subject because some say Health affects Happiness while others will claim Happiness affects Health. Was it Abraham Lincoln who said a person can be as happy as they want to be? Yes; he is quoted as saying “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  So let’s take  Honest Abe at his word. And then let us question: Can folks be as healthy as they make up their minds to be? I have seen people with severe health and physical difficulties who are happy and develop to the fullest their talents and bodies. They continually learn to cope with their difficulties and seek to be fit in mind, spirit and body. It is a question of maximizing potential. Happiness is a health factor undoubtedly.

In the beautiful Hawaiian islands you might come across the Institute of Health and Happiness, where you could be taught that The Foundation of Happiness is Health. And they will further sell you on a “modern macrobiotic way of living,” through which it is claimed that aided by  the use of your own intuition you may take responsibility for “your own destiny and create a strong base for health and happiness.

I am all for personal responsibility rather than any form of community or communal imposition of duty and responsibility collectively. We are after all each one of us rewarded or punished according to the use of our agency. You eat well and you can improve your overall health and outlook: you make bad choices and you damage proper functioning of your body and possibly your mind and spirit. Avoid dependence on anything that is damaging.

Learn how to be happy by serving others; seeing and doing what is in the best interests of both yourself and those near and dear, AND aid strangers in the mist, well in your midst anyway, and miraculously you gain self-esteem and respect. So start with treating yourself better with regard to eating, regular check-ups from your health care professional, steps in preventative medicine, and study what you can do to improve your life and the lives of others. Be an outstanding example to those around you, and treat others well. No more eat, drink and be merry philosophy. Take charge of your own well-being and interest your self in the well-being of others, starting with your family. Happiness is a key to long life and continued physical and mental health. It is being proved over and over that laughter is the best medicine. You don’t laugh much when you are unhappy.

Keep healthy and happy!