Get in Shape for Summer

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Springtime is here! You can tell because the birds have started singing in the morning, the sun has finally come out…

…and that nagging sense of anxiety regarding that swimsuit hiding in your dresser drawer-and that winter body of yours is back.

Every year, the impending summer season brings a bit of stress for most people as they remember that summer means swimsuit season-beaches, water parks, swimming pools, etc.

While you may not have completely let yourself go this winter, you probably have grown accustomed to the full coverage of your cold weather wardrobe and are not totally comfortable with exposing your body in that bikini just yet.

Fortunately for you, we have some ways for you to get in shape for summer and to help you feel confident in that swimsuit this season! You can make a real difference in just four to eight weeks, and we can show you how you really can reach your goals.

First: What Not to Do

Almost as important as learning the steps you should take to get in shape for summer is learning what you shouldn’t do.

First of all, do not go crazy and try to lose weight too fast. A healthy amount of weight loss is one to two pounds a week. If you try to lose more than that, you will be eliminating muscle with the fat, which will make you look thinner, yes, but also flabbier because you’ll have lost muscle tone.

Do not make severe changes to your diet (e.g. slashing it by 500 calories a day or more). This will send your body into freak-out mode, sending your cravings through the roof. You will also feel extremely cranky all the time, and your metabolism will slow.

Another important thing to remember is to not go insane with your workout, especially if you are starting from scratch. You will be setting yourself up for injury, muscle strain, etc.

Time to Get in Shape

The first step on the road to your hot summer body is to really make a commitment. You will only make progress if you really commit to yourself to persevere and stick with it.

Once you have made that promise to yourself, you can begin your exercise! Professional trainers recommend doing cardiovascular workouts for 30 minutes to an hour for five days a week. Beginners should start relatively easy, making sure to simply be active every day with activities such as taking walks.

Strength workouts are also vital to getting that beach body you want-when you build muscle, you are toning your body rather than letting it jiggle all over the place. Professionals say you should do weights three days a week.

For additional help with shedding those pounds, you may want to research some weight loss pills and find one that will help complement your new healthy lifestyle. For further information on weight loss pills, click here!

As for your diet, you should keep a food diary so you can track your choices and see what time of day makes you the hungriest and most prone to eating unhealthy foods.

To cut back on calories, choose fruits and vegetables for snacks and by reducing your portions by a third.

Your Efforts Will Pay Off!

After just a month of making your diet healthier and being more active, you will notice positive changes: you will have more energy, feel better about yourself, and yes, you will look better!