Fast Food is Fat Food

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Many people come to me asking how they can manage their weight. They’re always hoping for some kind of prescription for some weight loss drug or appetite suppressant. What I usually tell them to do is to stop eating out so much. These people claim to want to lose weight but can’t say no Burger King. I am not up-to-date on any major statistics but I would but Americans are overweight due to fast food. So if you are someone who loves-themselves-some Wendys, I would wager that you could lose ten pounds or more by swearing off fast food for just one month. Here’s why:

Eliminating soda is one of the top reasons you’ll lose weight. Soda is concentrated empty calories in liquid form! You may read the nutrition label and see that soda has no fat, but in reality, all the sugar it contains will be converted into fat later. If you want to get rid of fat, you can’t order a tall cup of Dr. Pepper every day. It’s just not going to work. By cutting soda, your body will be so much more likely to burn all of the calories it takes in.

Not eating out will help you lose weight because you’ll be able to gain more portion control over what you eat. When we eat fast food, we usually order a combo meal and we don’t feel like we’ve gotten the most bang for our buck until every bite is consumed, every drop of soda is slurped down, and ever fry is devoured. Because of this, many of us keep eating even though we’re full when eating out. This is the kiss of death when trying to lose weight. You can’t keep eating once your tummy says, “no more.”

The last reason you’ll lose weight is because you won’t be eating fries. While the burgers have their fair share of fat and calories, the fries absolutely wreak havoc if you want to lose weight. Fried foods are hard to digest and are almost impossible to burn off. Sadly, most dishes at a fast food joint come with something battered in oil. By avoiding the restaurants altogether, you can eliminate fried foods from your diet so you can better manage your caloric intake.

One of my friends in particular swore off fast food late last year. Within a couple of months, he had lost almost 30 pounds! So if you’re addicted to McDonalds and Carls JR but craving to be thin, it’s time to break the dependence and start eating at home.

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