Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

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The Holidays are referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” for a reason. Chances are you will get to spend time with loved ones, go to parties, and maybe even get the gift from the top of your wish list.

Despite all of the happiness the holidays bring, many are often distraught during this time because it is also a season of eating, eating, and more eating, all of which can lead to weight-gain.

But this does not have to be the case. Here are some tips that may help you cut some calories this holiday season.


Plan to exercise during the holiday season. Many people have more time to exercise because they do not have to work. Make good use of this time and be active.

Even taking one or two brisk walks a day can add up and help counteract the extra calories you may consume.


At many holiday gatherings, alcoholic beverages are served. These drinks tend to pack lots of calories and can even induce overeating. If you must drink, consider a light-beer.

Non-alcoholic drinks can also contain lots of sugar and calories. Drink water or opt for sugar free drinks when possible.

Do Not Starve Yourself

Before a big holiday party or meal, many people starve themselves so they can enjoy all of the foods that they love. This is a big mistake in holiday eating. Not eating during the day will only increase your cravings and most likely cause over-eating.

Eating healthy snacks, like fruits or nuts, throughout the day can help suppress your appetite and keep you from over-indulging at meal time.

Do Not Stuff Yourself

Another common holiday trend is stuffing yourself. Rather than eating until you cannot possibly fit anything else in your stomach, you will save lots of calories by eating only until you feel full. Eating slowly will help your brain recognize when your stomach is full.

Survey the Buffet

When at a party or a meal with lots of different food options, survey the buffet before you start filling your plate. Only put your very favorite things on your plate. In addition, you can balance your plate out by choosing fruits and vegetables as well.

It is okay to eat your favorite holiday treats, just remember to practice portion control.

Healthy Cooking

You can alter many of your favorite recipes with low-fat ingredients without a noticeable difference in taste. Consider using half-fat ingredients to cut calories from your dishes.

Steaming vegetables, grilling rather than frying, and using low-calories spraying oils will all make a difference as you prepare meals.

Remember that the holiday season is a time to be happy. Have your focus this year be about maintaining your weight, rather than losing it. Being realistic will keep you from feeling down on yourself.

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