Does HCG Work?

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I have patients see me about obesity more these days than I used to. I think it’s a combination of poor image and poor diet. Never before has America had access to such bad food and had such bad guilt about it at the same time. McDonalds makes you fat while the TV makes you sad. So many people want that movie star physique without giving up their fatty diets. That’s why so many people out there are running to treatments like HCG. They want a shortcut to the body of their dreams without any sacrifice.

Hands down, the best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. At least that’s what I thought until one of my friends went on HCG. For the sake of this article let’s call him “Richard.” Over several weeks of seeing Richard about a year ago, I noticed his fat shrinking before my eyes. Every time I saw him, there was less of him to see. In about three weeks he had lost nearly 25 pounds. He looked great.

Of course I had to ask him what he had done to see such fast results. Richard told me that he been taking HCG injections every morning for the past 21 days. He was losing more than a pound a day. However, it wasn’t just the shot alone, it was the fact that he was eating only 500 calories a day for those 3 weeks. After that he was going off the injections and back onto a limited diet, but was still going to stay away from carbs and starches for the a while.

For a while, the results stayed. For a good six months or so, Richard had the body he always wanted. But suddenly something snapped. His metabolism seemed to slow to crawl and the weight began packing back on until he was heavier than before. During HCG Richard lost 25lbs, during his relapse he gained 50 back. Now he is the heaviest he has ever been and is now burned out on dieting and sits around thinking he’ll never be thinner than he is.

This sad story shows that you shouldn’t take extreme measures to lose weight. Like the old maxim says, slow and steady wins the race. The way to lose fat and keep it off is to budget what you eat and spend time exercising. However, there are plenty of great supplements out there that can help you trim down even more. I just doubt that HCG is one of them.

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