Diet Pills: Part Two

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If you visit the website you will see in bold type “Reshape your future with Lipovarin.” And under that blazing red headline you can read  that Sterling Grant Laboratories has spent many years developing an advanced Thermogenic Super Weight Loss Formula that’s specifically tailored to your highly sensitive needs. Lipovarin’s™ patented formula was created to help achieve a leaner, sexier you…without the worries!

Then after asking the question “How fast will Lipovarin work for you?” comes the answer:-

The effects of Lipovarin’s™ powerful formula can be felt almost immediately from the first time you start taking it. You can be confident that Lipovarin™ will work for you, just as it has for the thousands and thousands of the other satisfied users around the world. You’ll not only feel better with Lipovarin™, it will renew the confidence lost by unintentional weight gain! Then follows the answer to “How it Works “

Lipovarin addresses weight control from many different angles. Stimulation of the metabolism is a prime focus of the Lipovarin formula. Advantra Z (citrus aurantium) an important component in the formula has been shown to have similar metabolism boosting effects of that of Ma Huang without the negative side effects. Caffeine, Metabromine and Green Tea all provide thermogenic and metabolism stimulating effects as well as supporting increases in resting energy expenditure. The patented ingredient 7 Keto is included in the Lipovarin formula for many of its clinically substantiated claims. These claims include the ability to stimulate enzymes in the liver responsible for thermogenesis, increasing the body’s metabolic efficiency, greater weight loss results, and maintaining an ideal body weight.

Imagine a product removing a main obstacle to losing weight:

  • Slow metabolism.
  • Safely supports the suppression of appetite
  • Promotes Energy and resting energy expenditure.
  • 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!

But there is another view of Lipovarin which is undoubtedly a highly popular diet pill. According to the Mayo Clinic website Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. says there is no evidence that Lipovarin promotes weight loss. And she further states the product could possibly pose serious health risks. She adds that Lipovarin has an ingredient called synephrine which is a stimulant similar to ephedrine, which itself comes from the herb ephedra. Several years ago health safety concerns led to the removal of ephedra as an ingredient  of products sold in the USA. So with that ban manufacturers substituted synephrine for ephedra. Those products, which include Lipovarin, likely have serious health risks just as ephedra products had — risks with ephedra include seizure, stroke and heart attack. Not really worth risk when there are proven ways to take care of weight problems. While there are no short cuts to good health and weight control there is no shortage of pills skillfully marketed to those who will take the latest pill in the hope that there will be a magical transformation without effort. Remember always consult a medical professional when weight loss has become such a concern that you are willing to take care of it. Exercise and the right choices of food along with medical oversight and some counseling are the keys to success.


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