Dealing with Anxiety

Posted by: Nicholas Grey  :  Category: Anxiety

When someone predicts the end of the world it will generate anxiety in many who tend to swallow the prediction when presented as a prophecy. Even amongst stoic non-believers a hint of doubt about the continued existence of the world may creep in to their view of the stability of existence. Some people will purge their anxiety with debauchery while others simply stop doing the everyday basic activities and wait for the day, hour, minute and second of the impending doom or glory.


While Harold Camping begins to explain why his prophecy about Judgement Day May 21st 2011 did not reach fruition, those close to his supporters have another cause of concern. After the leader of Family Radio made a previous announcement back in 1994 there was at least one reported suicide. So there are growing concerns about how ardent believers will deal with extreme disappointment following such an anti-climatic outcome.

Of course the best way to cope is not to be drawn in in the first place. History is replete with similar stories of failed predictions of the apocalyptic end game. Be wise and think for yourself and don’t donate to silly causes. Now if you have invested your time and money and your sacred honor in a scheme with no merit how will you cope. Well firstly admit that you have erred. Then make up your mind to never get involved again with those who think they know more than God intended us to know. If you are religiously minded then seek comfort in your religious practices honestly and sincerely. A worthwhile religion will not hoodwink you so seek Truth earnestly. Face up to the fact that you have been misled and placed your trust in a falsehood. You will survive just as the world did after May 21st 2011. The world isn’t perfect and neither ios any man or woman. We all make mistakes. Now do the right thing.

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