The Renter Survival Guide

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renterRenting is becoming the new owning. Just last year, the number of Americans who rent homes rose to 34%.

Renting has its perks. It gives you more flexibility, less liability, and in the long run it can be more affordable. But renting can also be a major nuisance.

Whether you are a renter by choice or by necessity, here are some tips to help you enjoy the experience or survive it.

When to Say When

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Sometimes you gotta decide is your health more important than the taste  sensations of carefully crafted cuisine.

The time has come for me. I do love McDonalds Biscuit Sandwiches and assorted fast foods. I could eat fries by the bucket full and who can resist a double even when a single would be satisfying.  Well we can resist when the time is right. Start using your brain the way it was intended to be used.

Fast Food is Fat Food

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Many people come to me asking how they can manage their weight. They’re always hoping for some kind of prescription for some weight loss drug or appetite suppressant. What I usually tell them to do is to stop eating out so much. These people claim to want to lose weight but can’t say no Burger King. I am not up-to-date on any major statistics but I would but Americans are overweight due to fast food. So if you are someone who loves-themselves-some Wendys, I would wager that you could lose ten pounds or more by swearing off fast food for just one month. Here’s why:

Does HCG Work?

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I have patients see me about obesity more these days than I used to. I think it’s a combination of poor image and poor diet. Never before has America had access to such bad food and had such bad guilt about it at the same time. McDonalds makes you fat while the TV makes you sad. So many people want that movie star physique without giving up their fatty diets. That’s why so many people out there are running to treatments like HCG. They want a shortcut to the body of their dreams without any sacrifice.

Hands down, the best way to lose weight is diet and exercise. At least that’s what I thought until one of my friends went on HCG. For the sake of this article let’s call him “Richard.” Over several weeks of seeing Richard about a year ago, I noticed his fat shrinking before my eyes. Every time I saw him, there was less of him to see. In about three weeks he had lost nearly 25 pounds. He looked great.


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As much as it hurts to try, I attempt to keep myself up to date with local news and home town stories. When you’re a doctor serving a community, you need to do your best to understand it. But the state of local news, paper or broadcast, just isn’t like it used to be. A local paper I read has recently gone through some layoffs. I think there may only be 5 reporters left on the whole staff. It’s pretty sad. I have heard it said so many times but I’m starting to believe it now: “Newspapers are a dying business.”

If the papers are going extinct, I think local television news stations are next. Though it will be sad to see them go, I think it needs to happen. Some business just go the way of the dinosaurs (unless the government is standing by with a bailout). The nightly news is cutting so many costs it is starting to become glaring. You can see it in the production quality and from the stories they pick.

One More Reason I hate Facebook

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There is a website I happen to be pretty fond of. It keeps me entertained often. It is called Basically they just post hilarious conversations by people on facebook. It’s no secret that some of the more trashy population on Facebook seems to have no problem when it comes to sharing way too much or holding long drawn out conversations about who slept with who right on their wall for everyone to enjoy.

Can The Middle East Achieve Peace?

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The Middle East has been in constant turmoil, and the one country they seem to all want gone is Israel. Israel is one tiny blip on the scale, and yet it has become one of the largest targets in that given area. Of course, they believe themselves to be the chosen people. But they are also one of the smallest countries in the area, and it’s not only the Palestinians that don’t get along with them. They are just the best known group not to like the Israelis.

Of course, there are good things and bad things about any culture or any group. But to some, it seems like they may even egg their opposers on. Any one of those countries would group with others to smash them, and some would love to do it on their own. But why is it that they are so confident? Why is it that they don’t seem to care about peace when it comes right down to it?

My Trip To Saint Louis

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Recently I had to got to Saint Louis, MO for some meetings. While I was there I sat through hour after hour of meetings put on by pharmaceutical reps. As painful as it was the trip was worth it for one reason.. the food. I never knew Saint Louis had such great food. Everywhere I went the dining was top notch. My favorite was this little sushi place right next to the hotel where I was staying. Each roll looked like a piece of artwork.

My Take on Diet Pill Review Sites

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The Facts About Weight Loss Pills That Actually Do Their Job

Diet pills as long as I can remember been regarded as worthless and for suckers. Well a single group is determined on reversing all that. The organization refers to themselves as the weight loss leaders of science and they honestly believe that there are genuine, true weight loss products on store shelves today and they’ve set out at showing it. They have to date tested more than one hundred and fifty name brand products and their goal is to investigate 500 by 2012. The group’s findings are widely seen as notable and the published diet tips are real.