Xanax Halted Because of Abuse

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Xanax Halted Because of Abuse

A community mental health center in Louisville, Kentucky has stopped writing new prescriptions for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Used for its calming effect, Xanax has been the most popular anti-anxiety drug on the market to date. But this popularity doesn’t come without a backlash.

Ms. Mink works for Seven Counties Services which serves some 30,000 patients in the Louisville area and she describes Xanax as a “drain on our resources.”

She has been aware of this problem before and has noticed that Xanax has “funneled a great deal of our energy into pacifying, educating, and bumping heads with people over Xanax.”

Dealing with Anxiety

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When someone predicts the end of the world it will generate anxiety in many who tend to swallow the prediction when presented as a prophecy. Even amongst stoic non-believers a hint of doubt about the continued existence of the world may creep in to their view of the stability of existence. Some people will purge their anxiety with debauchery while others simply stop doing the everyday basic activities and wait for the day, hour, minute and second of the impending doom or glory.

Anxiety Treatment

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While there are many causes of anxiety and panic attack, there are studies which lead many to believe panic attacks develop when a trigger point is reached and when the sense of anxiousness has accumulated and builds up to point where the mind and body has reached a limit and panic is the next response. Triggers might accompany too much stress at work, whether worry sets in when a task needs completing on a strict schedule or there is a risk of some type of loss (Status, Monetary, or even Job Loss;) work loads loads can bring about situations that become unendurable. When the mind feeds itself on worry continuously the body reacts to the anxiety, and the thoughts and feelings  eventually manifest in a panic attack.



Anxiety Disorders

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I read an article recently that made the claim that we all know what anxiety feels like. I’m not sure that that is  true as far as knowing what is happening  when an anxiety attack occurs, either the first time or after several episodes. We may feel our heart pounding. We may lose concentration, and may feel queasiness , nervousness, and slight shaking symptoms. But we may not understand what is happening. But if there is significant interference in your everyday routines and you cannot live the way you want or expect to live, you may have an anxiety disorder.  There are self-help  remedies and many treatment alternatives. So there can be light at the end of what may appear to be a long, dark tunnel. You can find the ways to gain control over your daily activities without panic or flight.