Anxiety Disorders

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I read an article recently that made the claim that we all know what anxiety feels like. I’m not sure that that is  true as far as knowing what is happening  when an anxiety attack occurs, either the first time or after several episodes. We may feel our heart pounding. We may lose concentration, and may feel queasiness , nervousness, and slight shaking symptoms. But we may not understand what is happening. But if there is significant interference in your everyday routines and you cannot live the way you want or expect to live, you may have an anxiety disorder.  There are self-help  remedies and many treatment alternatives. So there can be light at the end of what may appear to be a long, dark tunnel. You can find the ways to gain control over your daily activities without panic or flight.

Some level of concern or tension, and even being frightened is normal and such feelings and thoughts can help focus our attention if there is some genuine albeit small threat to our comfort. So anxiety will not always be labeled a bad thing, but when fear or anxiety prevents us from pursuing solutions to problems, disrupts relationships, or prevents us from continuing to enjoy activities that have previously been important to us, then we may have entered the territory of Anxiety Disorder.

So what should we look for:

Should you experience some of the symptoms listed, and they are persistent you may want to get some profession advice.

Do you feel like danger and catastrophe are around every corner?

  • Has fear or anxiety been the cause of disruption in your normal work or school activities, or family relationships?
  • Is there constant tension and/or “edginess?”
  • Are you thinking or imagining danger as a constant threat?
  • Are your feelings irrational ones, with no basis in what is really happening?
  • Do you repeat actions that seem to you to insure good outcomes?
  • Have you been avoiding common place situations or activities to beat feelings of worry?
  • Have you experienced attacks of panic where your heart pounds without warning?
  • Do you feel like danger and catastrophe are around every corner?
  • Anxiety disorders can also affect suffers with depression too. Both anxiety and depression may arise from the same causes, so that can be why they can be present at the same time often feeding off of each other. So consider seeking help for both conditions.

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