The Renter Survival Guide

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renterRenting is becoming the new owning. Just last year, the number of Americans who rent homes rose to 34%.

Renting has its perks. It gives you more flexibility, less liability, and in the long run it can be more affordable. But renting can also be a major nuisance.

Whether you are a renter by choice or by necessity, here are some tips to help you enjoy the experience or survive it.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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healthy lifestyle tips

Bad habits can quickly lead to an unhealthy lifestyle that will leave you feeling sluggish and irritable.

Unhealthy choices can also contribute to many health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. By changing a few simple habits, you can lead a healthy lifestyle that gives you energy, a youthful appearance and a great body.

5 Best Weight Loss Apps

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5 Best Weight Loss Apps

Losing weight is never as easy as it sounds. Advice like “eat right and exercise” sounds simple but for many people is actually pretty overwhelming. What should you eat? What if you hate the gym? What options are there?

iPhones have made weight loss easier with apps that can help you keep track of calories, suggest workouts, and keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals. Using an iPhone unlocker may open up your iPhone to even more weight loss app opportunities.

Secrets to Weight Loss

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Are you fed up with trying to lose weight and only seeing minimal results? If you are like most frustrated dieters, you are fed up with fad diets and useless weight loss tips that only waste your money.

Don’t get down on yourself – most people who have actually been successful at losing weight had days like yours when they wanted to give up on their goal. The key was that they didn’t give up. They found different things to add to their weight loss routine and tried new approaches until they were finally successful.

Go Gluten-Free because Miley Cyrus says so?

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I think the answer is obvious here, but just in case you don’t know, the answer is no.

But your teenage daughters who look up to celebrities like Miley Cyrus who have recently switched to a gluten-free diet may try to change your mind.

Yesterday USA Today reported about a tweet that Cyrus sent out in hopes to fight off eating-disorder rumors, but will that Tweet provoke a lot of Cyrus fans to go gluten-free?

Juicing to Lose Weight: The Fad Diet that Might Work!

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juicing to lose weightHave you heard of the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? If you have, you know the weight loss power that juice fasts can have on your body. The idea behind juice fasts is that the human body requires nutrition that comes from fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, most Americans do not get the nutrition that they need. Instead of eating spinach, carrots, celery, cucumber, or artichokes, we tend to eat frozen pizzas, potato chips, cheese, steaks, and creamy sauces. These fatty foods can hardly substitute for the wholesome nutrition that you could get from fruits and vegetables.

Get in Shape for Summer

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Springtime is here! You can tell because the birds have started singing in the morning, the sun has finally come out…

…and that nagging sense of anxiety regarding that swimsuit hiding in your dresser drawer-and that winter body of yours is back.

Every year, the impending summer season brings a bit of stress for most people as they remember that summer means swimsuit season-beaches, water parks, swimming pools, etc.

How to Lose Your Baby Fat

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You’ve spent nine months planning and waiting for that new little bundle to arrive. And, if you are like most women, you’ve also spent the last nine months planning your attack on the pregnancy pounds that have been packing on.

Now that the baby is here, it’s time to whip yourself into shape! Find out how to lose your baby fat with 6 quick and healthy ways.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips to Add to Your Life

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Ah, weight loss. This is the task that most aspire to and few achieve. If you are trying to lose weight or even just thinking about it, here are three weight loss tips that might help you reach your goals.

Tip 1: Gulp Water

Water is an amazing weight-loss tool. If you drink enough of it, it can help to slightly increase your metabolism to burn more calories.

Also, if you drink a full glass of water prior to any snack or meal, your stomach will be fuller before you begin eating. This means that you will eat fewer calories, which is the basis of any weight loss plan.

Work Hours Related to Depression?

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How many hours a day do you work? My magic number is 8. For those who work more than 8 hours a day, you might want to rethink your decision and decide if the paycheck is worth your mental health.

A study conducted over six years with over 2,000 British civil servants has shown that individuals who work more than 8 hours a day are 2.5 times more likely to develop depression.

Even when how demanding each job was is taken into consideration, the number one determinant of whether or not a worker would develop depression was related to how many hours they worked each day.